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Fitness test and health checks

You will need to be in fairly good condition to pass the police fitness test. You will also need to be in good health to be accepted as a police officer.

Fitness test

Because police officers must be able to run for a reasonable distance, as part of your assessment, you will be tested to ensure your fitness levels are high enough.

It's a thorough test, but don't worry, it's not about being super fit. We only want to make sure you would be physically able to carry out your duties. Expect to be tested on two key fitness requirements:

  • dynamic strength - involves performing five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the Dyno machine to measure your strength.
  • endurance - you will be asked to run to and fro along a 15 metre track in time with a series of bleeps, which become increasingly faster.
    If you don't meet the standard first time around, you can take the test again up to a maximum of three times.

Find out more information on fitness tests (new window).

Health checks

You need to be in good health to be accepted as a police officer.

Because police officers need to be physically healthy in order to carry out their duties, you will need to be examined to ensure you have no serious health problems. 

After you have passed your assessment, you will be given appointment times for an eyesight test, and a medical examination.

If you have any specific concerns about the tests, please contact the force you are applying to for more details. 

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